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Ugg BannerThe roots of UGG Australia can be traced back to the sandy beaches of Byron Bay, where Australian surfers began wearing sheepskin footwear for warmth between sessions. Located on the eastern edge of the Australian continent, Byron Bay carves out a crescent of clear blue water that is separated into wonderful natural surf breaks with names like The Pass, Wategos, and Cosy Corner. In the late 1960’s and early 70’s surfers first discovered these breaks and came in small bands to ride the unique waves. They would stay for weeks on end, and during these stays, many looked for ways to keep their feet warm and dry. Because of an abundance of sheepskin in Australia, the surfers often turned to hand-made basic sheepskin "footies" for natural warmth, comfort and to wick away moisture. It was here that the foundation was laid for a brand that would later become a worldwide phenomenon.

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UGG Australia Boots Amie Classic Slim Chestnut

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UGG Australia Boots Quincy Chestnut

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UGG Australia Shoes Adley Ceramic

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